The Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige has transported from behind the scenes to the pages of the new X-Men issue.

According to this article, Marvel has been in the process of "renovating and revitalizing" the X-Men series.

In the most recent installment of the comics, there are no good nor bad roles as both heroes and villains have combined their forces on the island Krakoa.

Your favorite mutants are on a mission to gather accurate, living people and try to convince them that they mean no harm and are willing to compromise for peace and unity.

At the end of the story, Cyclops leads all the mutants to discuss with someone who looks terribly familiar.

Kevin Feige appears as a drawn-on character and asks the mutants' leader a very vital question that can lead to various answers: What's your story?

The X-Men Series Drives Fans Into A "Frenzy" As Cameos Open Possibilities For Cinematic Universes Colliding

The Marvel franchise has started teasing fans about an alternative combined cinematic universe with X-Men and MCU characters.

Game Spot reports that although this cross-universe is not likely to happen anytime soon, Marvel Studios have made subtle hints that it is an idea worth thinking about.

The fans had gone wild when Evan Peters made a cameo as Fox's version of Pietro in MCU's WandaVision.

The MCU TV show reveals in the end that the character was a fluke and was actually not Pietro but rather a nobody named Ralph Bohner who had been brainwashed and believed that he was Pietro.

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Kevin Fiege Becomes Part of Marvel's Project with the X-men Comics List of Celebrity Cameos

The concept of comic characters meeting real-life people has never gotten executed as brilliantly as Marvel's re-launch of the X-Men series.

Based on an article by Screenrant, the list of real-life figures who have made an appearance in the story has begun, and Marvel's president is the most recent update.

Other names that have been drawn into the Hellfire Gala and into the world of the mutants are Michael B. Jordan, Patton Oswalt, George R.R. Martin, and Marc Maron.

The appearance of the genius behind Marvel's wide range of superheroes has gotten a good reaction from fans.

Others have pointed out that the cameo is slightly reminiscent of the late Stan Lee cameos, which were loved and missed by the readers.


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