Bye Bradley Cooper for good. No more being known as just his girlfriend, or his ex, for the matter. This is reportedly what Irina Shayk felt when she was invited by Kanye West to go out with him - she was "thrilled" to move on from her past relationship.

She's also happy Kanye West chose her to move on from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. 

According to a source of Hollywood Life, "Irina was thrilled when Kanye reached out to her asking her to hang out." The source referenced Shayk's past failed romance and added that "she's excited and she's been ready to move on and find someone." 

Even though most people who have heard of the news that Kanye West and Irina Shayk were dating were more focused on how the whole thing was linked to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's failed marriage, the reality is that Irina Shayk herself is moving on from a high-profile relationship.

Irina Shayk Happy To Move on From Bradley Cooper

She and Bradley Cooper broke up in 2019 and it is only with Kanye West that she felt she is ready to leave that past behind. She's reportedly happy she is now more known as Kanye West's new girl rather than Cooper's ex. Not to mention, she feels Kanye is such a big person and could be great for her career. 

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"She doesn't want to be known as just someone who's associated [with] Bradley Cooper," the source once more revealed to HollywoodLife. "This is a Hollywood merger of a new Hollywood power couple in her eyes, of Kanye and Irina, and it feels big to her for her career, but she also likes Kanye. She's ready for this." 

Kim Kardashian Does Not Care

It remains to be seen how this so-called romance would blossom. Some said both are not that serious about committing yet, and just more focused on having fun.

If Kanye West is happy and Irina Shayk is too, then there is apparently no problem. As previously reported, Kim Kardashian is relieved herself that West is moving on, even though she revealed that she would love him for life. She is fine with him having found someone else to enjoy his life with, in case this is going there, as long as their four children are not negatively affected in any way

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