Princess Diana spent the last moments of her life with her then-boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, but something happened before that.

Weeks before Princess Diana's 60th birthday, a royal insider revealed new details about the royal's death in a car crash.

In a new interview with the Daily Mail, the Princess of Wales' former driver and minder Colin Tebbutt mentioned the reason why the princess stayed in Paris.

According to Tebbutt, the royal princess actually wanted to avoid the backlash from Conservative Party politicians over her landmines campaign. The then-36-year-old royal was due to reach London on August 28. However, she decided to extend her trip because of the aforementioned controversy.

"She was accused of using the campaign to boost her own image, which was nasty and upset her," the former driver said. "So she contacted us and said she did not want all the hassle that would be waiting for her in the U.K."

Princess Diana reportedly advised them that she would return on a weekend instead.

But on August 31, 1997 - Sunday - the Princess of Wales faced a crash in a tunnel that led to her death with Dodi and Henri Paul.

Tebbutt still bears the regret that if Princess Diana went back on the original date, she would still be alive.

What Princess Diana Said About Landmines

The issue actually started in January 1997 during her trip to Angola. The Conservative defense minister Earl Howe even called her a "loose cannon" for saying the statements, before saying that she was "ill-informed on the issue.

Meanwhile, Tory Peter Viggers accused her of running away from sophisticated arguments.

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Still, even after her death, her son Prince Harry continued what she believed in about landmines. Starting in autumn of 2019, the Duke of Sussex traveled to Angola to eliminate landmines and follow her footsteps.

He also sent a video message and presented it at Oslo RevCon where he spoke about the projects started by his late mother, and how he is doing anything to continue her works.

The royal prince delivered an inspiring message regarding how some parts of the world can be dangerous landmines. But thanks to Princess Diana for turning an active landmine field before into a healthy community today.

At the same time, he reminisced how the late princess saw danger in all those mines she walked on and saw pain and suffering in the community.

Only recently, Prince Harry visited the HALO Trust to check on the progress his mother started decades ago.

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