Princess Diana's brother, Earl Charles Spencer, delivered a heartfelt message of hope to his sister.

Following the 1997 car crash, the Spencer family laid Princess Diana's body on an island at Althorp. The final resting place serves as an "oasis of calm," per Earl.

A few weeks before the Princess of Wales' birthday, the 57-year-old brother spoke candidly about the princess and her grave.

Speaking with "Good Morning Britain," Earl revealed that his family visits Princess Diana's final resting place frequently throughout the year.

"Every landmark day, such as a birthday, Mother's Day, I always take flowers," he told the show, per PEOPLE magazine. "I do go a lot, and it's an oasis of calm, and it's a lovely place to go."

Earl recalled the time their father would always talk about the day Princess Diana was born on July 1, 1961. At that time, the patriarch would reportedly reminisce about how hot day it was when they welcomed her.

Now that the royal princess' 60th birthday is near-approaching, Earl said that it will be an emotional one for all of them. He then assured that this year's July 1 will be full of tributes for her.

Apart from reaching a new supposed-to-be milestone, Earl offered one hope for Princess Diana amid Martin Bashir probe.

"I hope she'd be pleased the truth is out...," he said. "She was taken into a very dark place, her paranoia was fed."

Martin Bashir Investigation Update

Prior to Earl's statement, Judge Lord Dyson led the investigation to find out whether the former BBC journalist used faked documents to create the Panorama Interview/

For what it's worth, Princess Diana's brother alleged that Bashir used deceitful tactics to convince him to set a meet-up with his late sister.

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Only last month, the official inquiry found out that Bashir broke BBC guidelines just to secure the Panorama interview. BBC News reported that the executives of the media company who are accountable for the 1995 interview hid the truth.

The same document also noted that the 58-year-old faked documents to make the Princess of Wales join him. Meanwhile, it claimed that BBC's previous internal probe in 1996 was ineffective as they should have looked into it more thoroughly to find out what truly happened at that time.

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