Billie Eilish was under fire recently after old videos of her lip-syncing to a song and appears to be mouthing a racial slur resurfaced around social media.

The singer is now addressing the situation through a lengthy statement released via Instagram stories.

Eilish began by sending her love to fans and explained that she wants to address the situation because she's "being labeled something" that she's not. Wwatch the compilation of her resurfaced videos below. 

"There's a video edit going around of me when I was 13 or 14 where I mouthed a word from a song that, at the time, I didn't know was a derogatory term used against members of the asian community." The "Bad Guy" hitmaker wrote.

She then proceeded to admit that she was embarrassed by the situation and "want to barf" that she mouthed that specific word from the song. She explained that after taking that video, she never used it again on anyone.

"Regardless of my ignorance and age at the time, nothing excuses the fact is that it was hurtful. for that I am sorry," her post reads.

The chart-topping pop artist then addressed another viral video clip that sounds like she's imitating an accent from a different race. Eilish explained that she was speaking "gibberish," and she's been doing it ever since she was a kid.

She then clarified one thing about the said video, "[It's] in NO way an imitation of anyone or any language, accent, or culture in the SLIGHTEST." she wrote.

The "When We Sleep Where Do We Go" hitmaker concluded her statement that she has always been using her platform to "fight for inclusion, kindness, tolerance, equity, and equality."

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Eilish's statement draws mixed reactions from fans

Following her lengthy apology, a lot of fans rallied their support towards the singer.

One fan questioned why Eilish was being targeted from this situation, not Tyler The Creator, the singer of the song she's mouthing.

"With Billie Eilish's apologies I realize that people are only looking for excuses to hate her. Although I'm glad to see her fans standing up for her." another one wrote.

"The internet is now trying to cancel Billie Eilish over something from when she was 13 years old. What an embarrassing generation we are sometimes. Can safely say the internet is becoming a place of hate and ignorance." one tweeted.

Even though she received a lot of love from fans, other internet users are not convinced.

"@billieeilish why tf u hate the world grow tf up.." one wrote with a disappointed emoji.

A fan pointed out that she apologized for the recently resurfaced video but has not addressed her alleged boyfriend.

"Billie Eilish is apologising for saying racial Asian slurs but still hasn't addressed her homophobic boyfriend??? This girl turned 18 and just decided to take on problematic behaviour like a f**ckn coat of arms innit???" one tweeted.

Other Controversy Billie Eilish is facing

As we previously reported, Eilish has been in the spotlight since last week after fans accused her of queerbaiting.

It all started when the singer posted a video with the caption "I love girls," then she was spotted with her alleged boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce, a few days later.

This caused fans to wonder about Eilish's real sexuality, and they accused her of profiting off the LGBTQIA+ community.

However, the singer never came out and discussed her sexuality in the past.

Eilish did not address the queerbating allegations in her latest apology.

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