Chrissy Teigen and Courtney Stodden, who preferred "they/them" pronouns as non-binary, are both speaking out on a reported tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

When the paparazzi cornered Teigen in a garage, she was asked on the updates about the alleged interview with Winfrey; the cookbook author answered, "I have no idea with Oprah Winfrey." (via TMZ)

When asked if she's willing to do it with Stodden, she just laughed it off. The model was also asked how instrumental her family is to her during this time; she mentioned that they are her "everything."

Teigen did not confirm whether there are plans for an interview with Winfrey.

Courtney Stodden speaks out

While they were on their way to a show at 1720 in Los Angeles, Stodden was ambushed by paparazzi and ask their thoughts on the alleged interview; they mentioned that it's interesting and they're considering joining.

"Oprah has a really big platform, and I think if it help save lives by me sharing my story, I would consider it." they said. (via a video obtained by the outlet)

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"I think it's important to be kind in this world... I would consider it, if it helps people." they went on.

This is not the first time Stodden was reportedly open to joining John Legend's wife in a sit-down conversation as sources told the outlet in the past that they're willing to speak to Teigen face-to-face as long as it's sincere.

They also think that it's a way to close the chapter and helps them to move forward with their life.

Chrissy Teigen's tell-all interview with Oprah

In early reports, Teigen is allegedly planning to have an interview with Oprah Winfrey to address all the bullying drama that has happened in the past few months involving Stodden and fashion designer Michael Costello.

The said interview will apparently save her reputation following the significant backlash she received online.

The cyberbullying drama

As we previously reported, Stodden accused Teigen of cyberbullying her in the past. They claim that the cookbook author had told them to kill themselves in the past.

Stodden took to her Instagram to post the screenshots, but they later took it down.

Following this, Teigen issued a public apology to the Stodden, which they accepted and has already forgiven her, but they claim that she blocked them, and Teigen's team never reached out to them privately.

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