Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are now looking good more than ever. But one can distinctively remember that they were once embroiled in a controversial cheating scandal after Timberlake was caught holding hands with Alisha Wainwright. What happened? Did the actor truly bought his wife's forgiveness this time? 

According to the National Enquirer, Timberlake had to buy his way out of the bad spot he was in. In order to secure his wife's forgiveness, he reportedly had to give his wife several expensive gifts to convince her that she is still the love of his life. Gifts are not just material items, but also travels and many more.  

An insider said, "They've been living at their fancy spread in a private ski resort in Montana and it's costing a pretty penny, but Justin's happily footing the bill."

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Including in the "expensive" things he had to do was take care of their children alone so that Biel could have some precious time of herself. This is expensive since it pulls Timberlake from enjoying other things he could with his own time. Still, an insider hinted that this was worth it because the singer was truly on a shaky ground after the Wainright incident. 

Timberlake "is playing Jessica love songs that he wrote just for her," the insider claims, "and surprising her with jewelry, flowers, caviar, pirate spa sessions, you name it."

The insider also alleged that Jessica Biel plans to prolong Justin Timberlake's generous stint further. "She's enjoying the attention and the loot!"

The two are noticeably closer this year.

The Truth

According to Gossip Cop, while the rumors seem plausible and not even that bad if it means Justin Timberlake is spending more money and time on his family, they simply cannot be true. 

That the article only came out in February 2021 when the cheating incident took place way back in November 2019 is one sign that it could be concocted only.

Biel may appear to have forgiven Timberlake, but it does not seem possible that she's just waiting for loots and gifts beyond a year just to give her precious forgiveness. The actress cannot be pegged as that type of person. 

The Gossip Cop added that the article is just riding on the fact that the movie where Justin Timberlake and Alisha Wainwright starred in, "Palmer" just got released in January 2021. The article writer merely knew that people would suddenly remember about the cheating because of "Palmer" and wanted to ride on that interest. 

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