Colin Farrell refuses to let a pending court case ruin his day. While a lot is at stake on this decision, the actor makes sure he is not compromising his health waiting for it, as he can be seen running shirtless through Los Angeles. 

One look at the actor and no one would know he's anxiously waiting for the court to decide whether he can have conservatorship over his 18-year-old son, according to Radar Online.

Farrell, 45, was sporting short black shorts, casual blue and red running shoes, and some patterned ankle socks. He also has a navy sweatband on. 

In reality, though, it was reported that he's really worried about whether his application or petition of a conservatorship for James Padraig, his 18-year-old son, would be approved. 

His son is diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that can cause developmental disabilities and nerve-related symptoms. 

In a previous report, the former couple filed their request with the Los Angeles Superior Court back In May. If they are approved, the two of them would become co-conservators of their son before he becomes of legal age in September. At present, they are already James' main caregivers. Their request is for them to continue being so. An approval would also mean they could make medical decisions for him. 

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Colin and Kim already take care of their son but need the court's approval to continue. Per the court documents, James is "nonverbal, has issues with his fine motor skills and cannot provide for his own health and well-being." 

On his part, James cannot testify for himself because of his anxiety, which his doctor has testified on. Colin however, revealed to the judge that if James could only make his thoughts known verbally, he would no doubt tell them that he wants his father to have conservatorship over him. 

The relevant document reads, "James "lacks the capacity to express his preference over who he would want to serve as his conservator(s)," but it is understood that "he would choose [his parents] as co-conservators." 

Colin Farrell also revealed emotionally that his son is in dire need of assistance on the daily. He needs someone to take care of his most basic of needs, preparing his food, getting him dressed, among others. 

When he talked about the disease his son is suffering from back in 2017 in a "Today" interview, he shared that James' struggles are so brutal they "tear at the very fabric" of his heart. 

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