Chris Brown has faced a handful of controversy over the past years, and the recent one might be the most violent after a former housekeeper comes forward and sues the singer after his dog viciously attacked her.

Per report, the woman claims Brown is responsible for all the wounds and injuries after his dog, a caucasian shepherd ovcharka named Hades, started attacking her while she was emptying a trash bin back in December.

The alleged incident took place in the singer's home in Tarzana. The woman claims the dog started to viciously tear and rip the skin of her body parts, such as the face, arms, and body. She claims that she was "lying in her own pool of blood."

Following the vicious attack, the former housekeeper details how Brown turns the situation upside down. The singer and his team allegedly ignored the woman despite her screaming in agony; Brown had also called 911 and hid his dogs before they arrive.

When authorities and paramedics came, she was immediately brought in an ambulance to seek medical treatment. Police officials questioned the singer, but the woman claims he was "evasive and misleading."

Brown allegedly keeps on insisting that he didn't know what went down during the attack.

The woman is desperate to live as she claims to have undergone extensive surgery. This is not the only problem she's facing, as her husband is suing her for loss of consortium- the lack of companionship, moral support, and intimacy after an injury.

The dog was euthanized by Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Animal Shelter weeks after the alleged incident.

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Not the only controversy Chris Brown is facing.

As we previously reported, Chris Brown was investigated by authorities last month after allegedly assaulting a woman in his home.

The accuser claims the singer slapped her and smacked the back of her head, causing her wig to be removed. She later called the authorities; the police officers took a battery report.

Sources allege that the woman had "no visible injuries" after the incident.

Brown has then responded to the allegation by taking to his Instagram stories to write "Y'ALL SO DAMN" with a cap emoji which means "a lie."

He became active on social media following the alleged incident like nothing had happened.

Before this, Brown was under fire in 2009 for beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna; he was also arrested in 2016 for assault with a deadly weapon.

Chris Brown nor his legal counsel has publicly commented on the recent accusations.

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