"Jeopardy!" is welcoming another guest host on the lectern for the final week, with "Good Morning America" anchor George Stephanopoulos taking the helm.

With a new host every two weeks, the show has seen other guest hosts such as Ken Jennings, Aaron Rodgers, Dr. Oz and Savannah Guthrie reading the clues.

George Stephanopoulos wasn't shy about expressing his desire to guest host "Jeopardy!" that he even told SiriusXM host Howard Stern he had "the intellectual capacity" to be its next permanent host.

He shared, "I think it would be a lot of fun."

"But I like what I'm doing too. I'm not going to be Shermanesque about it. It's a great show. it's very flattering. Big shoes to fill."

Though he already has experience hosting, he said it's extremely different being on a game show.

He explained that with hosting "Good Morning America," "You make mistakes. You're going to make mistakes."

While on "Jeopardy!", "There's no margin for error. You have to be perfect. That's what the viewers expect and that's what they deserve."

'Jeopardy!' Fans Boycotting The Show Because of George Stephanopoulos

Several Twitter users took to the platform to say they are boycotting the show until the next guest host will start.

Viewers made it clear that they aren't fans of the TV host.

One Twitter user said, "Nope! Can't watch 'Jeopardy!' for the next two weeks."

Another Twitter user said the recent episode is "hot garbage," with another person criticizing George's hosting.

"My God!!! Could someone get George Stephanopoulos to clear his throat and perhaps a lozenge for his dry mouth?"

Upon realizing that the anchor was hosting the show, they wrote, "Oh, George Stephanopoulos is hosting? I just can't. I'll be back next week."

But not all wanted him gone immediately.

Some were excited to watch George on "Jeopardy!"

"It may be Monday, but sexiest man alive George Stephanopoulos is hosting 'Jeopardy!' for the next two weeks. Hunt the good stuff!"

Another person even said that he should be permanent host.

"The search is over. The new permanent 'Jeopardy!' host should be George Stephanopoulos!"

One person even said, "You're in my top 3 of guest hosts" and another shocked person tweeted, "Have to admit, he's pretty good."

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Other 'Jeopardy!' Guest Hosts Slammed

While some celebrity guest hosts have gotten praises from viewers, others have not received rave reviews.

For instance, "TODAY Show" host Savannah Guthrie received backlash for reading an inaccurate medical answer.

Dr. Oz was also one of the least favorite among everybody else, not because of his hosting skills, but just him in general.

The show has yet to announce a permanent host to replace Alex Trebek who died last year of pancreatic cancer.

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