Most news outlets have already reported that "Stranger Things" star Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi are in a relationship, yet, TikToker Hunter Echo comes into the frame.

According to Page Six, Brown and her boyfriend, the son of New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi, boasted about their cozy weekend together on her Instagram Story.

However, the "Stranger Things" fans caught Californian TikToker Hunter Echo coming on an Instagram live stream responding to comments about his alleged relationship with Millie Bobby Brown.

Fans Call Out Hunter Echo On Twitter

As the issue has reached the Twitter community, users have clarified the actress and the TikToker's age, along with how and where the two met.

Fans were disgusted to see the 20-year-old speak about his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown, who was 16 years old. More people also visited the social media platform claiming that Echo was taking advantage of famous actresses and called out for grooming and sexualizing Brown.

Netizens also blamed Brown's parents for allowing her to live with Echo and called him out for victim-blaming as well.

As a result, fans fired at the Canadian TikToker during the live stream, but he did not seem to care.

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Hunter Echo Speaks About Millie Bobby Brown

During a livestream he held Monday night, July 12, the TikToker was also called out for what he did.

During the live show, Echo defended himself along with his friend, for which the whole argument regarding grooming with the actress became the talk for the entire night.

Echo said, "You guys don't know anything; you guys are just following after one person saying one thing like- "everybody hates him so that everyone's going to hate me."

Though the TikToker came on the live stream to set the record straight about the alleged relationship, Echo continued to reiterate that he had nothing to apologize for and claimed that the fans don't know anything about them anyway.

As reported by this article, Bongiovi and Brown were also spotted together in New York in April and seen commenting on each other's Instagram posts.

Fans were quick to assume that 19-year-old Bongiovi and Brown were dating each other until pictures of the two took over the internet, where the two were seen together during the New Year of 2021.

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