Everyone is still gushing over the wedding ceremony of Blake Shelton and now-wife Gwen Stefani as their relationship seems to be heading in the right direction. Many couples have their shortcomings, and the celebrity pair is not an exception.

After reports circulated about the couple's disagreements, many fans wonder if they had a "blowout fight" before exchanging the vows.

According to In Touch Weekly, Gwen Stefani went out without her engagement ring on June 25. Per the outlet, the singer had a big fight with her then-fiance, Shelton.

A source revealed that the couple got into a heated argument that made Stefani took the ring off. The fight was allegedly about their current living situation as the country singer wants to stay full-time in his ranch in Oklahoma, while Stefani is a "California girl."

The report published by the outlet is nowhere to be found at the time of this writing.

However, Gossip Cop released a few excerpts from the article and debunked the claims.

Per the outlet, the source is contradicting as they said the pair decided not to "make any big decisions" before tying the knot.

But, Shelton and Stefani previously bought their first home together for $13 million in Los Angeles. Per Variety, the pair opted for a 13,000 square-foot house with three floors.

In addition, Shelton is a coach on NBC's "The Voice," making it hard for him to go in-and-out of California to shoot.

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Not The Only Issue They Allegedly Faced

As we previously reported, the pair allegedly argued about purchasing the home mentioned above.

Shelton was reportedly nervous about using his own money to buy the new property as he believes that this would hinder him from staying on his Oklahoma ranch.

At the time of this writing, the newlyweds never publicly addressed the reports written about their arguments.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's Wedding

The pair got married over the July 4th weekend at Blake Shelton's ranch in Oklahoma, where he built a church for them to tie the knot on.

Gwen Stefani dazzles in two Vera Wang gowns, one of which is inspired by the rock culture as it is a short skirt paired with country-style boots to fit the country theme.

The ceremony was reportedly simple as they only invited 40 guests, who are mostly their family and friends.

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