Zoe McLellan is still nowhere to be found, along with their son, Sebastian, whose safety and well-being of a young boy is being called into question.

The former "NCIS" star and her husband Jean-Pierre "JP" Gillain's divorce and custody battle have been publicized for years.

Two months ago, the Los Angeles County issued an arrest warrant for McLellan for charges of kidnapping, child custody deprivation, and child stealing, which stemmed from an incident in 2017.

At the time, Gillain accused his ex-wife of taking their then 4-year-old son to Toronto, Canada, without being permitted or a heads up so that she could film for her TV show, "Designated Survivor."

The last time anybody heard of McLellan, she was reportedly living in Louisiana with Sebastian, who is now eight years old.

Gillian is desperate to find his son, whom he hasn't spoken to or seen since 2019. He believes that Sebastian is in a lot of danger.

Speaking to Radar in an interview, JP Gillain said that his top priority is to look for Sebastian.

"I heard from his mom not too long ago over emails when we tried to find her and find my son. And then she vanished."

Zoe McLellan's vanishing happened sometime in April of this year.

When the actor was asked what his ex-wife's motive would be to stop their email exchange, Gillain explained how he knows McLellan's mental state is "not normal."

"I don't know how much I can disclose of this, but Zoe's psychological and mental state is not normal."

He went on to say that he lived with her and knows about her family background - including the abuse she had when she was young.

When JP Gillain and Zoe McLellan were still together, the actress refused to speak to her mom or step-dad for a decade "over nothing - over the choice of her career, that she wanted to be an actress, and they wanted her to go to college," an "extremely radical response."

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Just before meeting her, Gillain knew that McLellan was already suicidal.

Her parents even reportedly had another plan if ever Zoe McLellan shows she will not be a capable mother.

Her parents told Gillain, "'If we see that Zoe's incapable of taking care of a child, we're taking the child and we're moving back with the child to Seattle,' where they lived."

McLellan also reportedly has a "delusional view of life," thinking it's easy to get away with many things and that things will be okay in the end. "She's extremely paranoid, extremely defensive."

As for her disappearance, JP Gillain explained, "I'm sure she's convinced that what she's doing by escaping life and taking our son with her is good for him."

Zoe McLellan has reportedly self-diagnosed herself as bipolar, and as to Gillain's knowledge, she isn't taking medications.

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