Yolanda Hadid may not be on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" show anymore, but she's still around helping the ladies of 90210.

Her co-star Erika Jayne recently claimed that she has never looked through her former husband Tom Girardi's phone until she saw Yolanda go through a divorce with David Foster in 2015.

That action reportedly helped Erika discover that Tom had a years-long affair.

In Wednesday's episode of "RHOBH," Erika sat with a group of friends for dinner at Kyle Richard's home, saying, "After Yolanda divorced David, I just opened that phone and I was like, 'Wow, okay.'"

The 50-year-old singer, who filed for divorce from the legal mogul in Nov. 2020, also claimed in the show's confessional, "I found the evidence. It was text messages. It was pictures. It felt like it was years-long. Well, I know it was."

Kyle later asked Erika why she didn't leave Tom immediately after finding out, but she told her that she had nowhere else to go.

The "XXpen$ive" singer later alleged that her 82-year-old husband didn't deny cheating on her during their 20+ years of marriage.

Erika Jayne Performing Again Amid Publicized Problems

Erika Jayne is trying to get a part of her old life back following embezzlement allegations and her divorce battle with Tom Girardi.

She was seen back in the studio, dancing through her life drama on Wednesday, looking right at home in her element and reclaiming her powerful ego just hours before her break down on the latest episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

She also didn't seem to miss a bit and looked better than ever while performing on the dance floor.

Upon leaving the California studio, she was immediately bombarded by paparazzi who asked her questions about her "RHOBH" co-stars' support amid the embezzlement drama.

"I really don't give a f--- if they do or they don't," Erika told the pap.

In an upcoming episode, it also seemed like some of the housewives are divided on whether they believe Erika Jayne's story that she had no idea about her husband's money trouble.

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'RHOBH' Recap

On Wednesday's episode, viewers also watched as Erika Jayne broke down following news that Tom Girardi's assets were frozen.

She alleged that his health declined and told a bizarre story about a car accident Tom was involved in four years ago that left her co-stars and fans with so many questions.

Tom Girardi is a high-profile lawyer and is currently being accused of stealing millions from clients, including families of Lion Air crash victims.

Fans believe that Tom used the money to help fund his wife's lavish lifestyle and singing career and that their divorce is fake so Erika could help hide his assets.

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