As news of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez going IG official broke out, Alex Rodriguez is reported to be partying hard with bikini-clad women. Some allege that this is his way of coping with losing Jennifer Lopez.

As Page Six reported, Alex Rodriguez was spotted riding down a slide off a yacht while vacationing in St. Tropez alongside several bikini-clad women on Friday. This was also the day that it was reported that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are already IG official. 

Whether or not he's taking the news hard by forcing himself to have a hard time, only he will know. It'll be hard for anyone to know what he's presently feeling, although there were part reports of him really heartbroken and taking his breakup with J.Lo quite hard.

Even though reports and rumors have it that the two have reconciled, and are looking to have another go at a wedding they did not have the first time they entered into a relationship, nothing is official these days until it has become official on the popular social media platform. And when that happens, people know this is already a serious thing.

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Rodriguez particularly enjoyed sliding into the ocean through a giant blow-up slide.

The former Yankees slugger, 45, was spotted making several rounds on the slide. Each time he dropped into the water, he made a big splash, to everyone's glee. It was a sight to see too - him sliding and then entering the sparkling blue water with a bang. More noticeable of course were the people he is having a good time with - several bikini-clad women.

This is not a random day out though. As it was previously reported, A-Rod sailed away on a decked-out floater to celebrate 46th birthday.

Sources have it that A-Rod and his friends will be hitting Monte Carlo and Ibiza on the incoming weeks. They were already seen yachting in Portofino, Italy. 

It can be recalled that Rodriguez and Lopez broke up well before the latter reconciled with Affleck, which is a good thing. The two did have a serious relationship, since they even got engaged. However, "trust issues' reportedly made the actual wedding plans fall through.

"She knew it was time to let go. There were issues when it came to wedding plans and trust issues that she couldn't get past," ET's source revealed. "Her kids are sad about the breakup because they all grew so close, but ultimately want what's best for their mom and for her to be happy. There is still love and respect between the two families." 


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