By now, everyone would already know, if they have been following royal reports, that Prince William and Kate Middleton did not have a fairytale romance that people assume them to have at present. Everyone should know by now that they broke up not just once before they eventually got married.

The second breakup almost made their relationship irreparable. 

New revelations are still being made about this second breakup. This time, it it said that Kate Middleton decided that it was fine to break up with Prince William because a royal life would be such a "burden." An earlier report had it that the Duke of Cambridge decided to split up with Kate at the time because he was already starting to feel "claustrophobic" over Kate's behaviors at the time. He deemed that all the fun in their relationship was already gone. However, the report now is that Kate wanted the split more than Harry. 

Hello Magazine correspondent Judy Wade argued that Kate Middleton could have "realised the awful burden she would have taken on" if she ever marries the prince. 

This revelation was already hinted one way in the past.

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According to Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer, the only reason the two broke up was because Kate needed time to do some reflection.

Prince William reportedly gave Kate time to reflect at a time where media scrutiny was quite suffocating on her. 

In a 2007 report, Mr Palmer claimed during their so-called break-up, Kate did not even bother throwing things that could remind her of William. She was "still wearing the friendship ring William gave her more than two years ago." 

He added: "They were very lovey-dovey when they went out for dinner with Hugh and Rose van Cutsem at the King's Head at Bledington in the Cotswolds a couple of weeks ago," he added. This means no love was lost on them even amid the split. 

"This may be about giving her a breather from the royal scene as well as giving him time to go off and do what he wants to do," he ultimately surmised. 

It was also reported that prior to this famous split, Kate Middleton's parents were already worried about the kind of life their daughter would endure with the paps following her around. 

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