Brandi Glanville shocked fans when she revealed that she was recently hospitalized after an unexpected mishap.

Glanville said she was admitted to a hospital after her left-hand swells up to as big as a balloon.

The former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" took to Instagram to share a photo of her lying in a hospital bed as she raises her hand, showing her followers that she's feeling better after being taken care of by first responders.

The reality TV star stated that the doctors are still running tests to figure out what causes the hand infection, but they believed it came from a spider bite.

Brandi Glanville First Took To Twitter

Before being hospitalized, Glanville took to Twitter to share that her hand doesn't look good.

"I think I got bit by something in the night!:/I have so much to do today I'm not sure I can go to the doctor," she wrote. (check out the tweet below, along with a photo of her inflamed hand.)

Hours later, she revealed that she was rushed to the emergency room even though her schedule was jampacked that day.

Glanville first wanted to leave, but doctors told her that she "could lose a limb," so she opted to stay until she feels better.

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Brandi Glanville's Other Health Scare

According to People, In March 2021, Glanville revealed that she had suffered a health scare late last year; she said that she got second-degree burns after trying a psoriasis treatment at home.

She stated that she's fine, but her recovery takes a while as the bad reaction happened three months prior.

Not The Only 'Real Housewife' To Be Hospitalized Recently

In early reports, current "RHOBH" star Kyle Richards also took to her Instagram stories to share that she was hospitalized following a life-threatening situation.

The reality star stated that she accidentally walked into a beehive where she was stung multiple times.

For Richards, this is a severe case as she's allergic to bees. Security camera footage on social media showed the TV star jumping into the swimming pool to escape the mishap.

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