Kyle Richards recently revealed that she was hospitalized after a shocking life and death situation.

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star took to her Instagram stories to share the whole story. Richards shared that she accidentally walked into a beehive and "was stung multiple times."

This is a big deal for the reality TV star because she's allergic and "terrified" of bees.

Richards also shared security camera footage that shows her running across her backyard, visibly panicking. Elsewhere in the video, the "Kyle X Shahida" co-founder had no choice but to jump in the swimming pool to prevent a more damaging mishap.

"I can laugh at this video now but what you can't see is that they were in my hair and were literally chasing me." she wrote, pertaining to the moment she jumps into the water. (via ET Online)

The TV star also revealed her family wasn't around at the time of the incident, and people couldn't hear her screaming for help.

She also tried calling 911 but her landline phone wasn't able to dial. Richards tried to use her medication, which was an epi-pen, but she claims that it was "defective and wouldn't open."

Kyle Richards Shares A Big Lesson

Following the incident, Richards shared photos of her lying in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on.

She captioned the snap with advice guiding her followers on what to do in such a situation.

"I share this story with you because I sometimes don't bother to take my epi pen with me.I also don't know why I couldn't get mine to work. It's important to look on YouTube and watch videos on how to use it." she wrote.

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She added that there are different types of epi-pens and they work differently depending on what allergy a person has.

"But also always call 911 if you are able to use your epi pen as they have to use other medications to help breathing etc."

Richards also took the opportunity to thank the Los Angeles Fire Department for checking on her the day after the incident.

How Dangerous Are Bee Stings?

According to Mayo Clinic, stings are very dangerous, especially to people who are allergic to bees. It's potentially life-threatening as it causes vertigo, convulsions, difficulty breathing, and even loss of consciousness.

Doctors highly advise calling 911, especially when a patient is experiencing anaphylaxis. This severe and deadly allergic reaction can happen within seconds or minutes after exposure to something a person is allergic to.

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