Meghan Markle celebrated her wonderful 40th birthday on August 4, and of course, the royal family was not lost in the celebration and shared their messages on social media, including royal watchers, too.

According to this article, all the royal accounts, including the Queen's, Prince Charles, and Prince William and Kate, opted to post their greetings on Instagram Stories.

Their accounts have also made it to the Twitter community, and it seems like many followers responded to their tweets not related to the one explicitly addressed to it.

The Duchess of Sussex shares her birthday with famous figures like former President Barack Obama and her husband's great-grandmother, the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Twitter Celebrates Royal Birthdays

These Twitter followers were celebrating the 121st birthday of Queen Mother in a deliberate snub to the Duchess of Sussex, and they were not exactly subtle about it.

In 2002, the Queen passed away, but that did not stop the fans, somewhat spitefully, wishing her a happy birthday instead of Markle. Some even used the hashtag "#CambridgeDay" as a way to further disregard Markle's birthday as a sort of protest against her.

The said hashtag was supposedly meant to celebrate the christening of the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.

It may be unclear, but no one knows if those who posted their birthday greetings on social media to commemorate the Queen Mother's birthday hadn't happened if it did not coincide with Markle's birthday.

This issue just showed how many people do not like Meghan Markle at all, which they proved that there are many ways for it.

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Royal Birthday Celebration With Sincerity?

Gossip Cop claimed that there are always dozens of reasons listed for the mass' dislike of the Duchess.

One of which included her alleged "diva" aura, flaunting of royal protocol and traditions, and of course, "Megxit," which climaxed in the Sussexes officially stepping down from their role as senior royals before them moving to California.

The article also said that it came to no surprise that people would go through these petty levels to prove they dislike Meghan Markle as a part of the royal family.

Ironically, it appears that quite a lot of preparation went into making this happen.

"So in a backward way," as Gossip Cop said, these followers have given Markle enough attention on her birthday despite their attempts to take away her significance on the day of her birth on social media.

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