Trevor Bauer's sexual battery case is far from over as his accuser's legal team is slamming him for saying that at least one among their sexual encounters was consensual.

The accuser's legal counsel, attorney Bryan Freedman, spoke to TMZ Sports to slam the National Baseball League player of his claims that punching her in different parts of her body was consensual.

"Trevor Bauer's team continues to try to abuse an assault victim. They need to stop. Now." Freedman told the outlet.

Freedman shared a photo saying that no one can consent to a violent act because it's "logically" or "legally" wrong. (Check out the photo circulated on Twitter below)

The lawyer stated that the accuser and her family requested the photo to be released to the public.

Trevor Bauer Obtained The Alleged Screenshot Of His Accusers Conversation

According to the outlet, earlier this week, the athlete filed new court documents alleging that he and his legal team had already obtained the messages of his accuser, which could be the most substantial evidence that would help him get out of trouble.

The text messages show the accuser's conversation with her cousin, saying that the "rough sex" with the baseball star was consensual.

The screenshot of the message obtained by the outlet shows the accuser telling her cousin the story of their sexual encounter on May 16.

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The woman allegedly told her cousin that Bauer "felt bad" after what happened, and she didn't expect that she would go home with a black eye.

"It was consensual but, like, didn't expect two black eyes?! Like he [definitely] took it too far don't you think? lol." The accuser allegedly wrote.

However, Bryan Freedman also spoke to L.A. Times, saying that Bauer's legal team is twisting the tone of the conversation and insists that the accuser did not consent to be punched in any part of her body.

Trevor Bauer's Sexual Assault Allegations

In early reports, the unnamed accuser detailed in an 84-page restraining order application her gruesome experience with Bauer.

She claims that the sexual relationship was consensual at first, but it took a wrong turn as the baseball star became violent.

In addition, the accuser detailed that the Dodgers star allegedly started to put his fingers down her throat. In another incident, she alleges that Bauer wrapped her hair around her neck that caused her to pass out.

Trevor Bauer remains on administrative leave from the baseball team he's playing for.

Authorities are still investigating the matter. Court hearings regarding the accuser's restraining order against the MBL star are expected to happen anytime this month.

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