Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly following Barack and Michelle Obama - but irritatingly.

Following the birthday celebrations of Meghan and Barack, a royal expert weighed in and compared the two parties and how the Sussexes seemingly copy the Obamas.

Meghan and Prince Harry Copying Obamas?

In a new interview with The Sun, royal expert Angela Levin claimed that Barack and Michelle might have felt uncomfortable with the royals' plan that is similar to theirs.

She ultimately referred to the birthday charity project launched by the former U.S. president. On Meghan's part, she created 40x40 on her 40th birthday, asking people to have 40 minutes of their time to support working women.

"Interestingly, the title is very similar to Barack's 60x60 birthday appeal, where supporters were invited to donate 60 dollars, or even six dollars, to a worthy cause," Levin said (via Express UK). "It must be irritating for the Obamas to see Harry and Meghan copying much of what they do."

For what it's worth, Barack's team created the 60 for 60 initiative to mark his 60th birthday. The proceeds will be directly supporting the Obama Presidential Centre on the South Side of Chicago.

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Aside from monetary donations, they also asked people to tell Barack and the team what they did in 60 minutes or 60 seconds to give back to their communities.

Despite the incident, the royal expert noted that Barack and Michelle are close to Prince William and the royal family. This proved that the Obamas see Prince Harry highly.

However, it may not be the same case toward Meghan especially since it was not the first time she was put in hot waters for copying.

She was once accused of plagiarizing Eleanor Roosevelt's speech during International Women's Day in 2015. The Duchess of Sussex concluded her 2015 speech with the same quote from Roosevelt's speech and only changed the word "peace" with "equality."

Meghan also stirred criticisms for allegedly copying "The Game Changers" cover for the September 2019 issue of Vogue, wherein she highlighted the women she admires.

The duchess also committed another birthday crash during Kate Middleton's special day. According to her half-sister, she sabotaged the Duchess of Cambridge by announcing their exit from the royal family.

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