People would think that working on a very successful TV show like "Game of Thrones" is a dream come true.

The Emmy award-winning show will remember the jaw-dropping moments throughout the eight seasons, especially the controversial ending where Cersei Lannister, played by Lena Headey, being publicly shamed, will go down in the history of the show.

"Game of Thrones" ended two years ago, but in the season finale that aired, the actress opened up about her true feelings about the scene.

'Game of Thrones' Spoiler

In the fifth season finale of "Game of Thrones," Cersei fell from her Queendom and was stripped and forced to endure an excruciating walk while people criticized her on the sidelines.

Cersei was arrested and punished for her crimes, including having an illegal relationship with her twin, Jamie Lannister, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who secretly fathered three of her kids.

Cersei also had an affair with her cousin, Lancel Lannister, played by Eugene Simon, in the first two seasons.

Because of these crimes, the former Queen spent most of the fifth season in prison, where she was given a chance to confess to the crimes she committed.

After doing so, Cersei was informed she would be allowed to return to Red Keep if she went on with her punishment, the Walk of Atonement.

That form of punishment was some public retribution where her head would be shaved and would be stripped naked and would be forced to walk the Red Keep while spectators watched her and threw trash at her while screaming profanities directly at her.

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'Game of Thrones' Traumatic Scene to Do

In a video chat with Hannah Waddingham, played by Septa Unella, she revealed that she and Lena Headey had a traumatic experience during the scene.

Express reported that the Septra actress said, "I wanted to ask you, which we never really talk about because I think both of us found it quite traumatic at the time, our waterboarding, or rather wine-boarding, scenes."

They know that the scene made "wicked TV," but it was just a challenging thing to do.

Lena even added, "Someone else asked me about that the other day and I was like, you know, as an actor we all have boundaries or no boundaries. And no boundaries are obviously very thrilling when you can go to a place."

Hannah also confessed, "I have to say one thing that, that traumatic experience - and you walking through the streets practically with your nunny out - gave us was that you and I absolutely became incredibly close."

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