Prince Andrew is currently facing scandalous sexual abuse allegations, and he's being offered to prove his innocence live on television by a known author.

According to Daily Mail UK, Ian Halperin, a renowned best-selling author and documentary filmmaker, is offering the embattled prince a whopping $100 million to take a lie detector test which will be broadcasted on TV.

The author told the outlet that his offer is backed by various media companies and an investment group that will pay Prince Andrew the amount they promised him whether he passed or not.

The proposed lie detector test will give the prince a chance to redeem his reputation and clear his name from the public.

In addition, Virginia Roberts Guiffre, the royal's accuser, has also offered to take the polygraph test for free if the prince will decline the invitation.

Halperin said his proposed event is the "biggest ever pay per view," as the Duke of York will get paid $2.2 million per minute for a 45-minute live stream.

The author did not reveal the questions, but he mentioned that it would revolve around his relationship with the controversially convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his allegations with Guiffre, and more.

If Prince Andrew takes the offer, this would be the first time that he'll be facing the camera over the case against him after his interview with Emily Maitlis two years ago.

"If he is as innocent as he says he is, he passes and it clears his name. It is a great way for him to vindicate himself in 45 minutes." The Canadian producer told the outlet.

Furthermore, the event would be a "win-win" situation as he could potentially donate the money to victims of child sex trafficking.

At the time of this writing, Prince Andrew has not commented on the matter.

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Who Is Ian Halperin?

Per the outlet, Ian Halperin is a Canadian documentary filmmaker and the New York Times best-selling author.

He claims that he specializes in broadcast polygraphs with some of the best experts in the field over the past years.

Halperin also claims that he is the only journalist who had an interview with Jeffrey Epstein before his death. The late convicted pedophile allegedly told him that he has a close relationship with Prince Andrew.

The Montreal-based writer is the author of "Controversy: Sex, Lies and Dirty Money By The World's Powerful Elite," which revolves around Epstein's controversy.

The book also revealed shocking details about the prince's relationship with the controversial sex offender.

He previously mentioned that Prince Andrew denies his relation with Epstein on numerous occasions, but Halperin claims he has "inconvertible evidence" that the two were closer than anyone thought.

"I interviewed dozens of former household employees of Jeffrey Epstein, people close to the Prince - and it's not a great situation." The author told The Morning Show earlier this year.

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