One of R. Kelly's accusers dropped the biggest bomb yet in the ongoing sex trafficking trial.

This month, R. Kelly sat before the court again, where they all heard new testimonies and accusations against the disgraced singer.

Jerhonda Pace, one of his alleged victims, resumed her testimony in Brooklyn federal court. According to the victim, she was forced to follow the rules during the sexual encounters as the singer videotaped her when she was 16 years old.

Pace recalled when R. Kelly invited her to his mansion since she was a member of the singer's fan club. The alleged incident happened in 2010, and the visit reportedly included following "Rob's rules."

The aforesaid "rules" restricted how she could dress when she could use the bathroom, or she could speak with during the visit.

According to Pace, R. Kelly would often ask her to "dress like a Girl Scout" and style her hair in pigtails during the encounters.

Did Pace Stalk the Singer?

During the cross-examination, defense attorney Deveraux Cannick tried to show the court the mixed updates Pace said. The alleged victim reportedly lied about herself when she interacted with the singer.

Cannick said she was stalking him, to which she responded, "That is not right."

The defense representative resonated with the defense lawyers tried to show in the early trial. For what it's worth, they alleged that it was the singer who got victimized by a group of women who turned against him years later.

The prosecutors then showed screenshots of Pace and R. Kelly's communications in 2010. One text from the singer read, "Please call."

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A photo of Pace's tattoo "Rob" on her chest has since been covered up with a black heart.

Pace joined the group of witnesses and female accusers who will appear and testify in the next few weeks.

The recent testimony and openings came more than a decade after R. Kelly was first acquitted due to a 2008 child pornography case in Chicago. Although he continuously worked as a singer after that, the emergence of the #MeToo era pushed him to the edge of his career.

Pace and the women's stories were also featured on Lifetime documentary "Surviving R. Kelly." The series revealed how some supporters protected R. Kelly and silenced his victims.

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