"Jeopardy!" producers are reportedly trying to negotiate with Mayim Bialik to become the next permanent host after Mike Richards has stepped down in light of the past controversies.

When Alex Trebek passed away, the show's producers didn't immediately hire a new host. Instead, they hired a few guest hosts.

Richards was the chosen one, with Bialik named as the host of primetime and spinoff series. With no permanent host named as of late, it has been reported that the "Big Bang Theory" actress will take on the full-time hosting duties without fully committing to the position.

She is reportedly happy to take on the job. However, some fans don't want her to be the full-time host as she also has some controversies of her own.

Mayim Bialik Past Scandals Unearthed

Fans are already bringing up Mayim Bialik's past scandals, most of them wary about the hosting decision.

There are so many things that don't sit right with them when it comes to Bialik, most especially her recent comments on vaccine hesitancy.

Bialik previously said that her kids would not be vaccinated, but since then, she has publicly stated that she has been immunized against COVID-19.

Additionally, fans pointed out her heated op-ed with The New York Times, avoiding figures like Harvey Weinstein because of her ordinary clothing and her strategy not to act flirtatiously with men.


What Will Mike Richards Do Now?

Mike Richards will remain as the executive producer of "Jeopardy!" however, the drama on his past comments and scandals will not be forgotten. The 46-year-old has reportedly agreed to undergo training - especially sensitivity training, per OK!

According to his spokesperson, Richards apologized for his past behavior many times, and he also wants the chance to prove who he is to his co-workers.

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Who Do the Fans Want as Full-Time 'Jeopardy!' Host?

"Jeopardy!" has many fans, and they all have different opinions on who should be the next house after Alex Trebek.

But one strong opinion is LeVar Burton.

Burton guest-hosted just last month and immediately became a fan favorite for the permanent hosting duties.

Fans even made a Change.org petition demanding he should be the next host. The petition had over 270,000 signatures.

And while it is still unknown who will be taking on the job, Burton has expressed interest, but TMZ reported that he's not even part of Sony's top choices.

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