"Jeopardy!" fans are going to be disappointed because the fan-favorite host, LeVar Burton, wasn't even considered to be a permanent part of the show. 

A few days ago, Mike Richards was named the new host of "Jeopardy!" following the death of its long-time host, Alex Trebek. 

But then Richards had to step down from the role following the controversies surrounding him, and now, "Jeopardy!" is searching for a replacement once again. 

Despite Burton being the strongest candidate to host "Jeopardy!" according to fans, production sources revealed to TMZ that the though the "Reading Rainbow" star was an exceptional guest host, Sony bosses didn't think he was the right fit to be the permanent host. 

But it wasn't just Burton who wasn't considered - even the other guest hosts who fans expected to replace Trebek didn't make Sony's cut, including Anderson Cooper, Ken Jennings, and Aaron Rodgers. 

Sources with knowledge of the behind-the-scenes in "Jeopardy!" reportedly only have two guest hosts who they considered being the permanent host. 

However, Sony wasn't completely closing their doors on LeVar Burton because they reportedly spoke to him about possible projects outside the "Jeopardy!" brand. 

But how does Burton feel about these things? More sources revealed to TMZ that he's okay not being picked as the new fixture on the podium. 

Burton is reportedly contented about getting a shot at guest-hosting the show, something he wanted to do, which was already given to him. 

And though he is reportedly okay with Sony's decision and is moving on from the show ultimately, the same can't be said about what he had to say about the entire "Jeopardy!" drama last Tuesday.

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Mayim Bialik Controversy

Mike Richards was forced to give up the hosting duties after people called him out for his past derogatory remarks about women and Jews.

However, Mayim Bialik, who is named the other "Jeopardy!" host on spin-offs and specials, is also embroiled in a new controversy after her past comments on vaccination and birth via Caesarian section recently emerged. 

Bialik previously said she was reluctant to vaccinate her kids in a 2012 article she wrote titled "Beyond the Sling." 

She wrote at the time, "We made an informed decision not to vaccinate our children, but this is a very personal decision that should be made only after sufficient research, which today is within reach of every parent who seeks to learn about their child's health regardless of their medical knowledge or educational status."

However, she is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

In another article in 2010, she gave her opinion on the disgusting idea that babies who can't survive natural childbirth aren't "favored evolutionarily" and should "pass peacefully."

In 2017, Mayim Bialik also referred to herself as a "proud Zionist" after Israel brutalized the Palestinian people. 

Fans will have to wait and see if she would also be exiled from "Jeopardy!" or if they would just let these things go.  

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