Steph Curry's family's dirty laundry is being aired out in the open. 

The basketball legend's mom, Sonya, is being accused of cheating on her husband, Dell.

Now, it is being reported that Dell is accusing his longtime wife of stepping out on her marriage with former New England Patriots player Steven Johnson, per TMZ.

Dell Curry is reportedly arguing that Sonya started her affair with the tight-end athlete during their marriage and even before the date of their divorce.

The document also claims that Sony lied to Dell "each time she cheated on him." 

Currently, Sonya is living in a Tennessee home with her reported boyfriend, and Dell thinks this is a reason enough for the court not to award his estranged wife even a dime of spousal support. 

However, the mom of the NBA star denied her soon-to-be ex-husband's claims, saying she isn't living in the same home as Steven, BUT they are dating. 

She also denied having an affair, saying that her relationship with the football player started months after she ended things with Dell in March 2020. 

Sonya claims that Dell knows she is living alone because he was the person who kicked her out of their marriage. 

She also claims how funny it is that Dell wants to accuse her of cheating when he was the one who is allegedly unfaithful throughout their years of marriage. 

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According to Sonya Curry, her estranged husband had several mistresses throughout their marriage together. 

In the court documents she submitted, she listed Dell's "marital misconduct" as one of the reasons for their divorce. However, Sonya says that only Dell's close friends and a few family members know about his affairs. 

Additionally, Sonya also reportedly didn't want to mention the cheating accusations, claiming that holding back what she knew was the final act of trying to protect her soon-to-be-ex and their family from backlash and intense scrutiny from the public. 

But after Dell accused her of having an affair, Sonya was then "left with no choice" but to respond to the allegations. 

Sonya and Dell Curry have been married since 1998, and on Jun. 14, she filed for divorce in a North Carolina court.

Steph Curry has yet to comment on his parents' explosive divorce, but he recently was spotted on the golf course looking like nothing has happened in his family. 

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