"Better Call Saul" amassed millions of fans worldwide throughout its five seasons; however, the show's lead star, Bob Odenkirk, suffered a mild heart attack while filming season 6. More recently, the executive producer confirmed that production would continue despite the actor's medical condition; will they pull it off?

Despite Odenkirk's absence, the show's production seems to be doing fine as Thomas Schnauz reveals they're slowly "moving forward."

According to Screen Rant, The executive producer stated that he just finished editing the director's cut of episode 607, and they're currently filming scenes that don't involve the actor.

Aside from the update regarding Odenkirk's character, Schnauz also clarified the ongoing "two-part" rumors about the sixth season, saying the COVID-19 pandemic and the actor's absence affected their initial plans, but Peter Gould, the showrunner, is hoping that the series will air as a whole season.

Will Bob Odenkirk Return To The Show?

In early reports, Odenkirk's medical condition will be okay, and he's expected to make a full recovery as he didn't suffer any major problems following his mild heart attack.

The actor's health is the production's priority in the present, and he will return once he's fully recovered. There are no exact dates on when he'll be back on set.

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What Happened To Bob Odenkirk?

Bob Odenkirk previously made headlines after suffering a mild heart attack and collapsed in filming. The production confirmed he was rushed to a hospital afterward.

The news left fans fearing for his life, and they were devastated as it took days for his son to share a positive update about the actor's situation.

'Better Call Saul'

The show is a spin-off series of "Breaking Bad" that gives Jimmy McGill's character backstory. Original cast members from the series like Jonathan Banks and Giancarlo Esposito are part of the show.

New characters played by Rhea Seehorn, Michael Mando, and Patrick Fabian were also cast to give a slow descent to Odenkirk's titular persona, Saul Goodman.

The final season has been halted due to the ongoing pandemic, and Odenkirk's medical emergency derailed the show's production even more.

The show initially wants to release the sixth season early next year, but it will likely change due to significant hindrances.

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