Princess Diana allegedly wanted the same thing as Meghan Markle allegedly wants today - to become an A-list Hollywood star. This is according to the late princess' voice coach as well as confidante. 

According to Stewart Pearce, the said voice coach who also served as the royal's confidante, Princess Diana wanted to move to California. She allegedly dreamt of making films, a dream that her daughter-in-law now Meghan Markle reportedly wants. While she died before making this vision come true, her plans seemed to be more concrete than Markle's plans to become a Hollywood star. 

Stewart Pearce, broke silence on the princess's plans for the first time on the 24th anniversary of her death and revealed to Mail Online UK how she exactly would make her dreams of becoming a filmmaker come true. Pearce said that Diana had no plans of leaving Prince Harry and William to pursue these dreams. He said Diana planned to take sons William and Harry to the US, and even continue her romance with Dodi Fayed while pursuing the world of films. 

The voice coach said she became close to Diana at a time when the princess was already assessing her options to enter Hollywood. She was already being courted to become an actress then, but her passions were more focused on tasks behind the cameras. Kevin Costner in particular, wanted her to be part of his potential sequel to the 1992 blockbuster, "The Bodyguard." 

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Pearce said the Princess of Wales, who figured into a tragic fatal car accident on Sunday August 31, 1997 - her last moments captured by the paps, saw a move to Malibu, California, as the main path towards her screen career.

He dismissed speculations that his close friend was already pregnant at the time. He also rejected claims that Princess Diana was already planning to marry film executive Fayed.

The coach, who was actually with Prince Charles' ex, and mother-of-two just days before her death. The beloved royal, 36, revealed that "there were a number of major projects brewing in her consciousness through offers that had been offered to her."

"But one of the major opportunities that she wanted to create, was to start developing documentaries about three charitable interests that would then be assimilated into major movie pictures," he said. 

'She was planning on spending a lot of time in Hollywood," he explained.

Her plans certainly sounded eerily similar to Markle's today, although the voice coach did not specifically said that. 

"The point was that Diana was really beginning to explore her creative power," the friend said.

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