Iska Lawrence is the plus-size model that everyone just loves. She's bubbly and always rooting for body positivity. She's also a new mom, which makes her position as a model and influencer all the more important. However, it is because of her position that she is now worried about being branded as a bad parent - a nightmare for most moms.

Iskra Lawrence has revealed she worries people will think she is a 'bad mother' as she embarks on what she thinks most moms avoid when they entered the world of parenthood, which is wearing revealing clothing or showing off her curves. 

The model, 30, took to Instagram on Monday and shared a video of herself posing in a pink and yellow patterned bikini. She looked adorable in it since the colors really complemented her complexion. This sight is not new, since she was generous in the past in showing off her curves and pretty face. 

This time however, she wrote several messages that signify how worried she is at present of what people will think about her.

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Iskra, who shares her son with husband Philip Payne, described her fear on point in one question. "Can I wear this in public now I'm a mom?," she wrote. This is not an unwarranted fear though, since most moms have asked that question one way or another, even though they technically should not be worried because being a good mom should not even be measured just by one's fashion sense. 

She hinted though that this is not really about being a parent. She's sure she'll get some weird comments even if she's not a mom. But because she's an official parent now, the critics are going to be extra hard at work, as reported by Mail Online UK.

'I'm too curvy I'll look like I'm looking for attention,' along with: 'They will think I'm a slut, or maybe just a bad mother," she wrote. 

It appears though that she was just encouraging herself to ignore her insecurities in this post, as opposed to really ranting and being immensely critical of herself. 

She then advised her followers to never let these insecurities own them or let haters affect them, as reported by Mirror UK.

She specifically said that insecurities never vanish but people just have to learn how to deal with them. 

"A play by play of my inner voice putting on a swimsuit to go to the pool with my family today," she explained. 

"Self love, self confidence and insecurities don't vanish - you just learn how to rationalise them, quiet them and bulldoze the F over them because NOTHING should stop you from doing what you want to do or what you want to wear. Period," she added. 

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