Nicole Kidman reportedly walked off the set of "Expats" while shooting in Hong Kong due to a creative disagreement with director Lulu Wang; how true is this?

According to claims by several news publications in Hong Kong over the weekend, as reported by Variety, Kidman and Wang reportedly had creative differences, which caused problems within the set.

HK01 stated that the actress would travel to Australia and the United Kingdom to film some parts of her role Atlanna in "Aquaman 2" before going back to shoot "Expats." The news was also picked up by Hong Kong Standard and South China Morning Post.

After reports circulated online, Amazon Studios, the producer of the upcoming series, slammed the claims and released a statement to the outlet saying Kidman finished filming as scheduled and "she did not leave early."

"She always had other projects she was committed to. The production is not stalled or on hiatus, it was always going to continue shooting without her," a spokesperson said.

Aside from the recent issue, the series previously faced backlash after a report was published by the same publication saying the actress reportedly got special treatment from Hong Kong's government.

Per Reuters, Kidman is exempted from undergoing a mandatory quarantine period despite being considered "high risk" since she came from a different country. The special administrative region of China requires people to isolate for 21 days even though they're vaccinated.

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The news left the citizens enraged as they can't enter the region if they are not vaccinated. Most of them took to social media to describe the actress' special treatment as "disgusting."

The scandals of "Expats" goes on as The Sydney Morning Herald published an article about exiled Hong Kong MPs labelling Kidman as "insensitive" as they were forced to flee, but the actress can go in and out of the region to film and go shopping "as if nothing happened."


"Expats" is an upcoming series produced by Amazon Studios. The story revolves around a group of expatriates living in Hong Kong. The show is based on Janice Y.K. Lee's "The Expatriates."

Aside from the actress, other A-list celebrities include Sarayu Blue, Jack Houston, and Ji-young Yoo. Alice Belle, Janice Y.K. Lee serve as writers. Lulu Wang, popularly known for "The Farewell," directed the series.

At the time of this writing, no further information about the release date and other cast members were released to the public. Kidman has also not publicly commented on the matter.

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