Paul Bettany, the actor behind Vision in the popular Disney+ Marvel series "WandaVision," recently revealed how the show helped him get through a pain that he's been suffering for years.

Bettany recently spoke to GQ about his experience with loss and how he managed to translate it into his performance as an actor on the show.

Per Screen Rant, the actor lost his 8-year-old brother named Matthew in an accident when he was 16 years old. The tragic experience left him scarred for years. He mentioned that revisiting his loss is more challenging as he grows up, but "WandaVision" helped him let go.

He mentioned that it was a "clever thing" to do with a superhero genre show as Wanda, played by Elizabeth Olsen, is going through "unspeakable suffering in grief", but she has the powers to create her own world.

However, the reality hits the protagonist and realizes that she needs "to let go," Bettany said he "really did connect to it."

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'WandaVision's Exploration of Grief

Mary Livanos, the show's producer, previously revealed that the production has been casting specific people to explore the protagonist's experience of grief further.

Fans were shocked and confused as Evan Peters appeared as Quicksilver at the end of episode 5. The character was added to the show to mess with Wanda's head as she grapples through her loss. Livanos spoke to Comic Book to explain the emotional reason why.

The producer stated that they have been studying grief and grieving, and a possible side effect is when a person loses someone, most of the memories they recall "can get fuzzy."

"the idea that she kind of forgot exactly what her brother's face looked like, and perhaps her powers have been acting out again, we found really compelling." The producer said.

Livanos also said that the production wants viewers at home "to be as confounded as Wanda" that's why Evan Peters was the "obvious choice" to play the role.

Disney Plus' 'WandaVision'

According to Time Magazine, Wanda struggles from a mental breakdown that happened after the passing of her husband Vision and other people.

As she tries to forget everything that happened, Wanda created an alternate reality where her late husband and the twins are alive, living a happy life.

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