Just a few weeks after Charlie Watts' death, a secret of his was unearthed after his friends revealed it to the public. The drummer has been praised for his stylish clothes, and there's a "royal" secret behind his impeccable outfits.

An article published by The Daily Mail UK shocked fans over the past few days after revealing that the former "Rolling Stones" band member had a collection of King Edward VIII's clothing, specifically his suits. His hidden treasure is known only to the people who are close to him.

A friend of his told the outlet that the late musician purchased the clothing from a Sotheby's Paris sale. One of his pals tried the coats on, but it didn't fit, so he got it. (check out the photos below)

The public didn't know his secret until now; he has been sporting the royal vintage finds on numerous occasions, like the pink ensemble initially worn by Queen Elizabeth II's uncle in 1952.

The late drummer's spokesperson also confirmed that he bought the clothing from an auction, saying Watts "loved a well-made Savile Row suit."

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Is It Possible To Buy Clothes Previously Worn By Late Royals?

According to Harpers Bazaar, the outfits previously worn by late royals are possible to purchase but it's hard to find as they rarely appear in auctions.

The late Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer, is one of the most influencial fashion icons of her generation as she knows how to flaunt her elegant outfits and sometimes break royal dress codes like the "revenge dress" that she wore after Prince Charles confessed that he had an affair.

In 2018, three of the Princess' daywear outfits worn in the 1980s was sold at Kerry Taylor Auctions in London. The unnamed buyer purchased all the clothing for over $360,000.

Auctions for the clothing worn by royals are not just limited to the deceased. Royal fans could also purchase outfits of living members of the royal family, like Kate Middleton's catwalk dress that she wore in 2001 for a fashion show. 

Charlie Watts' Death

In early reports, the music legend died in Royal Marsden Hospital in London. Shirley Shepherd, his wife of 57 years, stood beside him at the time of his passing.

The actual cause of his death was not revealed to the public, but his band seemingly hinted a possible cause after announcing that Watts won't join them for their upcoming tour after undergoing an unknown procedure.

Charlie Watts was the drummer of "Rolling Stones" for over six decades. Other band members include Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and Ronnie Wood.

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