Charlie Watts never had a perfect life at all that even his marriage to Shirley Shepherd led him to have regret.

Before reaching his last breath, Watts spoke candidly about his life as a rock star and how it brought a negative feeling in his relationship with Shepherd.

In one of his interviews years before his death, Watts revealed that he regretted not having enough time at home.

"The one regret I have of this life is that I was never home enough," he said as quoted by Vulture. "But she always says when I come off tour that I am a nightmare and tells me to go back out."

Throughout their 57 years of marriage, the couple only managed to have one daughter, Seraphina. Despite having a small family, they knew their love story was worth telling the world about.

How Charlie Watts and Shirley Shepherd Met

Watts surely loved his wife so much that he often talked about her in any medium available.

In his book "According to the Rolling Stones," the drummer revealed he became drawn to his wife in the 1960s. At that time, he was rehearsing with Alexis Korner's band.

According to People, two members of Korner's band - Keith Scott and Andy Hoogenboom - attended the Hornsey Art School. The same school was where Shepherd was studying.

During the practice, Shepherd went down with Hoogenboom and his wife. Their meeting bloomed immediately and led to their marriage four years later. Since then, Shepherd had always been there in every tour to support him.

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"The firm rule was always 'no girls on tour' but Shirley would nearly always go because Charlie simply refused to get up or wash if she didn't," Chrissie Shrimpton, Mick Jagger's former girlfriend, said in the Philip Norman biography of her ex.

Meanwhile, Shepherd herself confessed that she became a bigger fan of Rolling Stones compared to him that the wife often played the songs.

In 1996, he thanked his wife for the support she had been giving to him and the band, saying that he would only be a drummer for a living and as long as it was comfortable with her.

The beauty of their marriage was once untold. Too bad it was Charlie Watts' death that brought it back to the spotlight.

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