Antonio Caballero, a Colombian writer and journalist, has died. He was 76.

People flocked online to pay tribute to Caballero, who reportedly died on Friday. Early news reports confirmed his tragic passing.

Antonio Caballero's cause of death is yet to be determined. However, an article from El Tiempo revealed that he died due to health complications.

Spanish presenters and personalities also shared the tragic news on their respective social media accounts.

Journalist and presenter of Univision Fin de Semana, Felix de Bedout, called Caballero an educated and intelligent person. He also referred to him as the best Colombian columnist ever.

Ricardo Silva Romero also shared paying tribute to the "teacher who had mastery of his own prose."

Caballero's fans and supporters, who knew his contributions in the industry, also penned heartfelt messages to the late journalist.

One said, "One of the great Colombian writers and journalists has passed away. Antonio Caballero was an absolute giant and legend."

"Rest In Glory Antonio Caballero. Your voice will me missed," another wrote.

Antonio Caballero Left Treasure To People

The Bogota-based writer was the son of writer Eduardo Caballero Calderon and Isabel Holgun.

Through his active years, he became well renowned for awakening people and encouraging his readers to be critical. In one of his last interviews, he left an inspiring advice to his readers.

"There is a lot of fun. From the simple noise (speaking of the title, it should sound good) to the meaning. Sum up: music and letter," he said, as quoted by US Day News.

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He famously narrated the death of the banderillero Manolo Montoliú in the Plaza de la Maestranza in Seville in May 1992 after the bullfighter died when he was gored during the Expo 92 World Fair city.

Caballero graced essays and columns that brought Colombian political history to the spotlight.

In terms of cartooning, he graced several newspapers with his powerful messages, including Time, Change 16, Diary 16, and The Viewer. After penning articles for physical materials, he joined digital journalism as a columnist for The Danieles.

In 1999, Caballero received a journalism award from the Editorial Planeta. Although he continued to write in the years after that, he decided to resign from the industry in November 2020.

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