Bridget Malcolm is ready to share more details about her tragic experience working as an "Angel," a popular term for models of renowned lingerie brand, Victoria's Secret.

Malcolm recently sat down with "60 Minutes Australia" to give more insight into her modelling career, specifically her time with Victoria's Secret.

She mentioned that the company for her and other women were "extremely exploitative at that time." Malcolm went on to reveal that she felt like they were "controlling women." (watch her full interview below)

In addition, there's also a drastic standard within the company as they only get women who are as small as possible.

When she was working as an angel, she mentioned that the company deemed her "too big" after half an inch was added on her hips.

Malcolm also mentioned that Victoria's Secret made it "pretty clear" that their models needed to be super skinny.

"I've never experienced anything like it before and I hope to never again. It was truly quite a traumatic experience." The former model said. (via The Independent UK)

Victoria's Secret Speaks Out

After the interview, Victoria's Secret released a statement to Daily Mail Australia saying the company is under new leadership and is currently focusing on "creating an inclusive environment."

They also want to have an inclusive aura within their associates, customers, and partners for them to "celebrate, uplift, and champion all women."

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Bridget Malcolm Previously Detailed Her Horrifying Experience As a Teenage Model

In early reports, Malcolm previously spoke out on the abuse and pressure she experienced at the hands of her agent.

She posted a video on her social media accounts and amassed thousands of views from fans.

Malcolm said in the video that she worked hard as a teen by travelling to all continents of the world except Antarctica. (watch the full video below)


She revealed that older men had sexually assaulted and groomed her several times in the past.

The former model claims that her agency pressured her to lose more weight and even suggested she take substances like cocaine and have "lots of sex" to achieve it.

After her horrendous experience, she had post-traumatic stress disorder, anorexia, anxiety, depression, and more.

Despite the tragic time of her life, she had a ray of hope and recently told fans that she's currently recovering from all of her problems.

"Today, I am two plus years sober, 4 years in recovery from an eating disorder. I'm happy, I'm balanced, I'm strong, and I feel the best I've ever felt." Malcolm said

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