Kim Kardashian was under fire last week after reportedly planning to build an underground bunker for her dream wellness center despite Hidden Hills Community Association's guidelines. Recently, sources close to the TV star say it's not true.

According to an insider who spoke to TMZ, the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star is not building an underground vault.

The source said the "SKKN Beauty" CEO has zero plans to construct a wellness bunker under her home in Calabasas, California.

However, she is building something, but the outlet did not mention what it is. Per the outlet's sources, it's not a vault, but Kardashian is doing her best to get approval from the homeowner's association.

Per legal documents, the reality star's neighbor, Sarah Key, filed a restraining order against the association to prevent the "SKIMS" CEO from building anything below her house; Key did not name Kardashian as a defendant.

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Kim Kardashian Reportedly Feuding With Neighbors Over Construction

In early reports, Kardashian was allegedly involved in a legal war against her neighbors after trying to expand her $60 million Hidden Hills mansion.

According to Daily Mail UK, she's reportedly planning to construct her dream "wellness center" under her current home. The said bunker is complete with a spa, underground parking, and an underground vault. The situation left the reality star's neighbors enraged as they deemed the project as "very dangerous." Per legal documents, the beauty mogul's neighbors already sent numerous "legal letters" asking a judge to stop the project.

The neighbors allege that her planned construction might cause loss of life because of the proximity to gas lines. The beauty mogul's project requires compacting dirt and flattening two hills in her property which are both on top of high-pressure gas transmission lines.

Aside from the dangerous risks, other neighbors are also concerned about Hidden Hills' aesthetic, saying the village has a natural and rustic country setting that would be ruined if Kardashian was to change the topography drastically.

The property mentioned above is the same mansion that her estranged husband Kanye West designed, and Kardashian may get to keep it for her children during their divorce.

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