Prince Charles is not a perfect heir to the throne after all.

The members of the royal family are known for their unusual and weird habits. In Prince Charles' case, the royal staff is mostly irritated with his unusual eating habit.

In a new report by Express UK, sources close to the Prince of Wales revealed the diet the future King has to follow. They even compared it to intermittent fasting as he only eats a light meal during breakfast and the main course at dinner.

Royal author Sally Bedell Smith also disclosed in her book "Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life" via (USA Today) that Prince Charles has been having the same breakfast for years. He reportedly consumes wheat germ and cereal grains with honey before ending his meal with fruit and tea.

However, everything reportedly turns different on a weekend whenever the royal prince chooses to eat the residence's cheesy baked eggs.

As he keeps on skipping his lunch, insiders revealed that it causes major problems already.

Why Prince Charles' Diet Causes Headaches

A Clarence House source divulged to the Daily Mail that accompanying him during foreign tours also make them skip their lunches.

"It's good in a way, because it means he has time to meet more people, but he doesn't seem to notice all the rumbling stomachs around him," the insider said. "You just learn that you have a big breakfast on those days."

This resonated with what a royal journalist said.

Gordon Rayner told The Telegraph that Prince Charles treats lunch as a luxury that can affect his work and schedule. He reportedly experienced it himself and saw how the staff brought snacks instead so they could eat light wherever they were.

In addition, the royal staff has been wasting dozens of eggs to create Prince Charles' breakfast perfectly.

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Aside from his tea and fruit, Prince Charles reportedly wants a soft-boiled egg which should be cooked for four minutes. His former private chef, Mervyn Wycherley, explained to The Guardian that he kept three pans boiling to cook the eggs.

"People knew that Charles wanted his eggs cooked for three minutes exactly and that Mervyn usually had several pots on the go to ensure that at least one batch was perfect. The others were simply thrown away," former royal housekeeper, Wendy Berry wrote in "The Housekeeper's Diary."

The palace, however, has consistently dismissed the buzzes about the wasted eggs.

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