Wendy Williams reportedly should cancel her talk show as she doesn't need it.

According to an insider, the controversial media personality was "drinking every day while filming the show" just before she was rushed to the hospital last week. 

The Sun reported that "everyone is an enabler" because nobody wanted to lose their jobs on "The Wendy Williams Show," which is why they don't comment on the amount of alcohol she drinks daily. 

"They see it, they know it, they smelled the liquor," they added.

According to another insider, Wendy chugs alcohol every day, and the only time she's not drinking was during the time she was living in a sober house. 

In 2019, she revealed to her viewers that she was living in a sober house, just shortly after her divorce from husband Kevin Hunter. 

But the insider is calling Wendy Williams "an alcoholic, a bad one." 

In fact, they are saying that "she doesn't need a talk show, she needs help." 

"No one can tell her 'No.' People are afraid to speak up."

'The Wendy Williams Show' Faces Cancelation? 

Another source revealed to OK! Magazine that staff of the show are worried about the fate of "The Wendy Williams Show" after its season premiere has been pushed back because of the host's health issues. 

In early September, the author was reportedly rushed to the hospital after a 911 call was placed requesting for psychiatric services. 

Confirmation of that news came not too long after Wendy also tested positive for COVID-19. 

The Sun's source revealed that a call was made for a 57-year-old woman who needed psychiatric service. The ambulance was said to be outside Wendy's apartment. At the time of the report, it wasn't confirmed if it was really the host who needed help, but a few hours later, it was confirmed that it was indeed Wendy. 

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How Is Wendy Williams Now?

Wendy Williams' brother Tommy recently gave an update on how his sister is doing following her breakdown. 

He revealed that Wendy is stable and doing well and that she's "hanging in there."

In a video he shared on YouTube, Tommy believes that his sister is going to be okay. 

"I really do believe and have the faith that Wendy's going to make it."

He further added, "We've been hit just like other families. You know it's not easy [but] you got to dig yourself out, you got to hold on to the memories and we have some good ones."

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