Nicki Minaj's husband, Kenneth Perry's accuser, is speaking out once again, claiming that the former's fans, dubbed as Barbz, are sending her horrendous death threats and hate messages after giving her side of the story.

According to TMZ, Jennifer Hough's legal counsel, Tyrone Blackburn, says the alleged victim got a massive amount of hat following her interview on "The Real."

As seen on the direct messages obtained by the outlet, fans are wishing death upon her, and some of them labeled her as a "clout chaser."

"You mad he's married to a millionaire now you want money [you're a] clown [you] will be exposed don't come for my queen and lying on her name." one fan allegedly sent her.

Hough did not hold back and let her feelings be known in a reply, saying what Minaj's fans told her was not true, saying she never wanted Petty and she wasn't trying to hurt the rapper.

The hate train got worse; Hough's lawyer claims it got to a point where a fan intentionally tweeted her personal contact information.

Attorney Blackburn added that the backlash she received from Barbz reinforces what Hough expressed in her on-air interview: she fears for her life trying to change her number, move and quit jobs, all because of Kenneth Petty.

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Jennifer Hough's Appearance On 'The Real' With Her Lawyer

In early reports, Petty's accuser appeared on 'The Real' to share her side of the story, saying she's tired of being afraid, and she publicly opened up about her alleged experiences with both the rapper and her husband.

"It wasn't right and it doesn't matter how much money you have. It doesn't matter what your status is, you can't intimidate people to make things go better for you. And that's what they did." Hough said in the interview. (via Daily Mail UK)

Hough added that she wanted to be an example for her children when dealing with traumatic life experiences.

She also detailed her experience with Petty in 1994, leading to his conviction the following year when he pleaded guilty to attempted rape.

Hough mentioned that she was walking in Jamaica, Queens, New York, alongside Minaj's husband when he "grabbed" her by the jacket, then the unthinkable happened.

After the incident, Hough went to tell a security guard in a nearby school who called the police. Petty was arrested afterward.

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