"The View" hosts Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin had tested positive for COVID-19 while on-air - but the diagnoses were reportedly false.

The Friday episode of "The View" turned into chaos after announcing that Navarro and Hostin both contracted the virus. Things got more complicated as the duo was on the set when the results came out.

But a few days later, co-host Joy Behar addressed the situation and disclosed that the results were actually false positives.

"The View" Hosts' COVID-19 Results

On Monday, she told the live audience and home viewers that they all received numerous COVID-19 tests. She added that her co-hosts were actually healthy and free from the dreaded virus.

"I am thrilled to report that Sunny and Ana's Friday results turned out to be false positives, and everyone is safe, healthy and COVID-free. No one's got it. It was a mistake of some sort," she said, as quoted by Entertainment Tonight.

Meanwhile, the show's executive producer quickly issued an apology statement following the ordeal. He personally said his sorry to Navarro and Hostin, who faced health scares.

 According to Brian Teta, the event was just an "unbelievable" event, and that they only found out about the false positives results when they came back on-air.

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Before finding out the truth, the executive producer reportedly wanted to safeguard the other hosts and Vice President Kamala Harris - who was scheduled to appear that day.

Teta then assured everyone that the show observes strict safety protocols. With the recent development, the executive producer reportedly felt relieved as no one was ever in danger.

What Happened to "The View" Hosts?

On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris was supposed to mark her first-ever live interview as a VPOTUS. However, the morning show announced that two hosts tested positive for the virus, causing VP Harris to appear remotely instead.

Fortunately, she did not have contact with the hosts before the show.

"At the last minute we realized they had tested positive," Behar said, adding that the interview was held remotely "because they don't want to take a chance" on her being exposed.

On Saturday, Navarro revealed she underwent three COVID-19 tests to find out her accurate diagnosis. Fortunately, she tested negative in all those three tests.

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