Is Wendy Williams still returning for "The Wendy Williams Show?"

Just last week, she was hospitalized for psychiatric issues, and a few days prior to that, she tested positive for COVID-19.

The staff of her show was first worried that they might not have a job to return to because their boss has many health issues, but it was later revealed that Wendy would be back in time for the season premiere of her show. w

Last week, the controversial TV host was already spotted wheelchair-bound with badly bruised legs outside her New York apartment.

Wendy was being pushed by a young man in her wheelchair and was assisted and lifted out of her wheelchair to be placed in the back of an SUV.

However, just because she's out of the hospital doesn't mean she's ready to get back to work.

An insider revealed to The Sun that the 57-year-old media personality is "stressed out and not ready" to take on the demands of her high energy show following her recent health problems.

The insider who is said to be close to the host and her family added, "She's stressed and only. Wendy has enough money. She's single."

"She needs to get clean and enjoy her life."

But the insider added, "She shouldn't be filming yet. it's way too soon."

Meanwhile, a second source said the same tone about Wendy Williams.

"She's got problems and unfortunately people bottom out."

They added, "When I saw that she was hospitalized, I felt bad. I hope that she will get to a better place, and I'm sure that when the ambulance came - that she went to get the help she needs."

"The Wendy Williams Show's" season 13 would've premiered on Tuesday, the same day its official Instagram page posted a season premiere trailer.


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Wendy Williams' Concerns

Wendy Williams has been reported to struggle with addiction that led up to her hospitalization for psychiatric issues.

An insider previously revealed that the "Hold Me In Contempt" author has been drinking every day, even while filming the show.

Her show's staff would usually smell liquor radiating on her, but nobody would say a word because nobody wanted to lose their jobs.

But despite her struggles, her staff are waiting for her return.

Another source spoke to Page Six, saying that there was a meeting with the staff and the executives where the latter assured the employees the show would be back on Oct. 4 because "Wendy is ready to get back to work."

Viewers will have to wait and see.

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