Brian Laundrie's sister gave information that contradicted the family's initial statement.

As the search for Laundrie intensifies, more questionable details about his disappearance started to emerge. This time, his sister's previous claims put the family's story under suspicion.

On September 17, Laundrie's sister Cassandra spoke to ABC's "Good Morning America" to address some of the queries surrounding the Laundrie-Petito case. At that time, she said that she talked to his brother for the last time when he returned home to Florida without his fiancee.

The fugitive's family said it was on September 1.

However, the family's attorney, Steven Bertolino, previously stated that Cassandra saw her brother for the last time on September 6 - five days from what the Laundries said.

Bertolino defended the contrasting statements, saying that the sister's communication does not reflect the family's initial comments.

"Law enforcement agencies are well aware of these dates. Any prior communication by Cassie that does not reflect these dates is simply a difference of relating an answer to a question misinterpreted by Cassie or poorly posed by the inquirer," the representative said, as quoted by Fox News.

Does Cassandra Know Laundrie's Whereabouts?

Compared to Laundrie's parents, Cassandra somehow let out more words about what she knows about his brother's disappearance.

She revealed that, after their last conversation, she was unable to talk to him again. Still, Laundrie's sister is hopeful she can speak with Petito's fiance once again.

"I've cooperated every way that I can. I wish I had information where I would give more. This is all that I have...that I gave to police," she said.

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Cassandra also assured the ABC that she and her family wanted Petito to be found safe when she was first reported missing. She added that her children loved Laundrie's fiancee.

The reemergence of her statement came after a seasoned investigator touched on the case recently.

Craig Cane, who formerly supervised the New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force before retiring from the US Marshals Service, said he does not think Laundrie ever went to the Carlton Reserve.

He told News 4 that the silence of the fugitive's parents speaks the truth that they know about their son's whereabouts.

"You're gonna leave your son out in the preserve with no form of communication and no way to get home? Does that make sense to anybody? I don't even think he was ever in that preserve," he said after learning that the parents found the Mustang their son reportedly drove.

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