Chris Evans and Selena Gomez are the recent celebrity pairing that everyone's talking about online. Both stars are making rounds on Twitter, and fans can't help but ship the two as they believe they're perfect for each other. Although it is not confirmed yet, many supporters insist that it's legit after the singer seemingly dropped a hint a few months ago.

The two have been publicly open about their dating life as they were previously linked to other celebrities as well. Evans used to date actresses Jessica Biel and Jenny Slate in the past, while Gomez is infamous for being Justin Bieber's ex.

Many fans are eager to know the truth; that's why they have been posting photos of the rumored couple online.

"I'm seeing things about Selena Gomez and Chris Evans being a thing...and yah know I'm not mad about it...Jesus they'd be a hot couple," one fan wrote.

"FYI if chris evans is really dating selena gomez rn then, he is the luckiest man in the world!!! I meeeean.... Selena is forever a catch!" another fan wrote.

"There's this rumor that Selena Gomez might be with Chris Evans (captain America) and I've never been so happy for someone I don't knowwww Like such a levelllll uppppp I really hope it's true," one tweeted.

Selena Gomez Dropped Hint a Few Months Back

When Selena Gomez appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen, she seemingly hinted at her true feelings for Chris Evans.

When asked about her biggest Hollywood crush, her answer is none other than the "Captain America" actor.

"I kinda have a crush on Chris Evans, isn't he cute? He's very cute." The singer said. (watch the video below)

Aside from Gomez's hint, the actor is also following her on Instagram.

At the time of this writing, neither of the two celebrities has confirmed whether they're currently in a relationship or not.

Selena Gomez, Chris Evans Dating History

Aside from Justin Bieber, Gomez has dated also dated a few celebrities in the past.

According to Us Weekly, Her first public relationship was with Nick Jonas in 2008; she previously mentioned that their connection was merely a "puppy love" and "very sweet."

She also dated "Twilight Star" Taylor Lautner, whom she first met in 2009 because Kristen Stewart was staying in her hotel, leading them to run into each other in the lobby.

Gomez had reportedly dated other stars like Zedd, Orlando Bloom, Niall Horan, Charlie Puth, and The Weeknd.

On the other hand, Chris Evans had reportedly dated Kate Bosworth in the early 2000s, Jessica Biel in 2001, Emmy Rossum in 2007, Christina Ricci, and more.