It's less than a month until Halloween, and we could not be more excited. After last year kept Halloween parties mostly virtual, you're probably more in the mood than ever to put together a great Halloween costume with your partner.

If you haven't been thinking about your costume 'til now though, you may be feeling crunch time - especially since you both have to make sure you're coordinated. To help you out, here are some knockout suggestions for Halloween costumes for couples.

Simon and Daphne: Bridgerton

You can be Simon and Daphne, or go different and choose another couple from the series, like Anthony and Sienna - or you can just do period dress from the Regency era. Regardless, you just need some kind of long, empire-waist dress, and a suit with a fancy vest, and perhaps a cravat. If you decide to go all-out, this costume might be kind of expensive, but you'll look very regal.

Wanda and Vision: WandaVision

If you loved Marvel's smash hit Disney+ series WandaVision, a Wanda and Vision costume is a no-brainer - and very versatile! You can go with any of their looks from the show, from the 50's to the 80's to their superhero outfits. (And remember, you don't HAVE to paint your face red to be Vision...but you can.)

Malcolm and Marie: Malcolm and Marie

This is a less obvious costume, but if you're a film buff it's very fun and clever. There are only a few outfits in this film, which takes place over the span of a couple hours and only has a couple outfits. You could wear their clothes from the bath scene, or throw on a suit and a fancy dress and carry around a pot of mac and cheese all night. (If it's a costume contest, giving free mac and cheese out might actually be a great strategy.)

Roy Kent and Keeley: Ted Lasso

To go as the beloved couple from Ted Lasso, all you really need to do is have one of you wear all black (excuse me, "heather gray") to go as Roy. To be Keeley isn't quite as simple, but as long as you do your hair up in a very dramatic high pony and dress in very bright and trendy garb, people will definitely get it (especially if someone at the party starts singing the Roy Kent song!)

Rue and Jules: Euphoria

Couples who love the HBO hit Euphoria could try going as Rue and Jules. Though they don't have any specific costumes, any of their outfits from the bigger scenes in the show would probably do the trick - or you could do a costume-ception and use their Halloween theme, and go as Rue and Jules dressed as Jack and Rose from Titanic.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn: DC Universe

Another dynamic duo, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn have been a well-loved couple from the Batman comics for years, but their once-explored romance didn't make it to the screen until 2020, in HBO's cartoon Harley Quinn. The season 2 finale ended with them running away together, and Season 3 is rumored to be premiering before the end of the year.

Bubblegum and Marceline: Adventure Time

One of the first canonically gay couples in children's TV, Princess Bubblegum and the vampire Marceline from Adventure Time are a very dynamic costume idea, especially for couples where one person is super femme and the other is...decidedly not. They also both change outfits a few times over the course of the show, so you don't just have to go with their basic looks.

Holt and Kevin: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One of the most beloved couples in recent sitcom history, Captain Raymond Holt of the 99 and his husband Kevin is right in that costume sweet spot of recognizable but low-effort. One of you can dress as a police captain, the other as a sweater-vest loving academic; but most of this costume is acting-dependent anyway. (If you don't talk like Kevin and Holt all night, you're doing it wrong.)

Zoolander and Hansel: Zoolander

Want iconic? Want dramatic? Can you do the blue steel face perfectly? Then you and your boytoy definitely need to go as Zoolander and Hansel from the movie Zoolander. Pick a couple of their flashiest outfits, grab a blonde wig and some hair gel (lots of hair gel), and dazzle 'em all.

Hades and Persephone: Greek Myth/Hadestown/Lore Olympus

Whether you love Greek myths, Broadway musicals, or Webtoon comics, the Greek gods Hades and Persephone are a solid option for a couple's costume. There are endless ways to go with the interpretation, from the classic togas to the more modern suit and dress look - and as Persephone, who is both Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld, you can be as pink and floral or as dark and regal as you want.

Guy Fieri and an Insane Sandwich: Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives 

This is a funny one: If you're a fan of the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives (or the related memes) and you wanna make people laugh for a low-effort costume, all one of you has to do is dress up as a very large sandwich. To be Guy, just get a bold bowling shirt, spike your hair, hang sunglasses from the back of your head, and make sure to occasionally offer loudly to take someone to Flavortown.

Ash and Literally Anyone: Pokémon

For a very versatile costume, Pokémon lovers can go as Ash and any number of his companions, from Misty to May to Brock to Pikachu. Plus, if you have kids, no matter how many or how mobile, you can dress them as Pokémon companions and hit the town. (For example, a family of four who loves the original anime might go as Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Togepi.)