A now-viral photo hilariously suggested that Chris Laundrie walked with Brian Laundrie to search for him in reserve.

On Reddit, a user shared a never-before-seen photo of Chris walking with an unnamed FBI. While the post should not bring much concern, the user jokingly suggested that the FBI was actually Laundrie in disguise.

The FBI staff in question can be seen walking with Chris in public while they seemingly exchange stories during the search,

"Chris Laundrie searching the reserve today laughing with FBI Brian Laundrie's twin," the caption said.

More Reddit users spotted the post and left funny comments in return.

"That is so f--ng hilarious. That totally is Brain Laundry. They've got that dupers delight giggle going on," one said.

Meanwhile, most internet users slammed Chris, who should not be laughing at times like this. People indirectly told him that nobody thinks he should be laughing after Gabby Petito's death and Laundrie's disappearance.

The Latest on Gabby Petito's Case

The emergence of the photo came after Laundrie family attorney, Steve Bertoline, said that Chris was asked to join the search.

"Since the preserve has been closed to the public, Chris has not been able to look for Brian in the only place Chris and Roberta believe Brian may be," the lawyer went on.

A few hours after the announcement, Bertolino revealed to NewsNation that the search was postponed as the preserved had been closed to the public.

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The representative expressed the parents' desire to join the search once an opportunity comes.

However, the statement caused massive questions as both Chris and Roberta never commented on Laundrie's disappearance, nor did they ever left their house to search for their son.

Internet users slammed them as, instead of assistance, the parents chose to remain silent on Laundrie's potential whereabouts.

Ever since Laundrie had been reported missing, only her sister, Cassie, repeatedly broke her silence and revealed skeptical comments. Most recently, she held an interview with ABC News saying that Laundrie is a "mediocre survivalist."

Cassie suggested that her brother could not outlast in the wild and would need to go in public again sooner or later. Her statement contradicted a statement from Laundrie's friend, who revealed that the fugitive is capable since he lived in the Appalachians for three months.

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