"Wheel of Fortune" turned into comedy this week as one of their contestants hilariously failed to solve one of the puzzles.

"Wheel of Fortune" and Pat Sajak welcomed a group of contestants for a new full-of-knowledge episode this week. Among the players, Melanie Fisher of California became the talk of the town.

Fisher immediately caught everyone's attention as she proudly revealed she graduated from college in just three years. Despite the hectic schedule, she reportedly managed to get a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Viewer expressed their expectation to the contestant after learning that fact about the California native. However, she eventually caused massive laughter when she failed to correctly guess the puzzle that read, "_ _ L _ Y G O O _ F E L L O W."

Fisher tried to guess the puzzle, telling Sajak, "Jolly goof fellow." Another contestant, JR, stole the chance and correctly answered, "Jolly Good Fellow."

Following the airing of the episode, "Wheel of Fortune," viewers called the event "hilarious" as they shared their thoughts about the playful turn of the event.


One fan shared a screenshot of the episode and said, "SHE GUESSED "JOLLY GOOF FELLOW" OMG THIS SENT ME TO ORBIT."

"For he's a jolly goof fellow, for he's a jolly goof fellow, @WheelofFortune omg," another said.

Not The First "Wheel of Fortune" Mistake

While Fisher's "Jolly goof fellow" was more than enough to complete the viewers' night, she repeatedly committed more mistakes afterward.

Later in the "Wheel of Fortune" episode, she inaccurately said "wilkes and sheep" for a puzzle answer, "wolves and sheep."

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Again, viewers made fun of it and did not let the mistake go. One fan assumed, "Same 'I went to college' gal on #WheelOfFortune, with only the O and the V missing guessed 'Wilkes and sheep'. And she's the frigging big winner. I need to try out. Easy pickin's."

Despite that, the California woman scored first place for the game and made it to the final puzzle. Although she did not solve the final round's puzzle, she went home with $20,000.

"Wheel of Fortune" continues to air even after Mike Richards left the show and "Jeopardy!" Longtime hosts Sajak and Vanna White brought good news by revealing that they signed.

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