Johnny Depp's fans who already saw his film, "Minamata," demanded the film's studios to spread the powerful movie.

When Depp lost his roles in "Fantastic Beasts" and "Pirates of the Caribbean," his 2020 film "Minamata" came to rescue him. The film was first premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2020. It took over a year before the film reached a few theaters as MGM and Vertigo Releasing acquired its US and UK distribution rights, respectively.

Unfortunately, due to Levitas' request to MGM to "bury the film" amid the actor's legal battles. As of the writing, only a few countries saw the masterpiece.

As a result, many fans urged MGM Studios to send the film to all countries and have their citizens watch it due to the powerful message Depp has to offer.

What Johnny Depp Says in "Minamata"?

On Twitter, several Depp's fans directly asked MGM Studios to release the film to spread positivity amid the world's crises. They also shared photos of the film and the actual photographs in Minamata, showing how worthy it is to be seen by other people.

Internet users also trend #ReleaseMinamata to urge others to support their appeal.

One fan said, "I think that MINAMATA wants to convey the importance of loving people, raising a voice and supporting others, instead of spreading hatred. That's what we need in the world today. That's why MINAMATA should be seen all over the world in this era. #ReleaseMinamata."

"'Minamata' is an important & compelling film about the tragedy at Minamata, Japan & photojournalist W. Eugene Smith, whose photos captured the souls of the suffering. Mercury poisoning still occurs in the world today, causing harm," another added.

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Some also highlighted what Aiichiro Kawamoto, the son of the victim movement's leader Teruo Kawamoto, said. Kawamoto once proclaimed how the movie offers a message about Minamata disease that they want all the generations to know.

Depp received the San Sebastian Film Festival's highest honorary award last month. It mainly hailed the actor as "one of contemporary cinema's most talented and versatile actors" for remarkably playing "almost always misfits."

Meanwhile, the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in the Czech Republic also paid tribute to Depp's career and legacy after describing him as an icon of contemporary cinema.

Johnny Depp's "Minamata" is based on a shocking true story written on a book of the same name.

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