Is Jimmy Kimmel giving up his "longest running late night host" title as he plans to end his "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" career?

For several years, Kimmel successfully held interviews for his 19-season-old shows. However, a new report claimed he is done being the show's master.

After the retirement of Conan O'Brien from "Man Show," National Enquirer reported that Kimmel would soon follow him away from the spotlight. As one of the seniors in the late-night television shows, the news outlet said he is over his duties already.

Kimmel particularly found it exhausting to have such a monotony in his life.

"[Kimmel is] very rich and very bored. He doesn't need the money, and he certainly doesn't need to talk with Kim Kardashian or the next Bachelor ever again," a source said.

Once Kimmel's contract expires in 2022, the host plans to fully step down from his role as a host. He seemingly added more fuel to the speculations after telling Howard Stern how much he loves being off and not working.

As of the writing, decision-makers at ABC reportedly began searching for his replacement already.

Is Jimmy Kimmel Really Leaving "Jimmel Kimmel Live!"

Kimmel nor ABC has released an official statement yet regarding the host's last days. If Kimmel would no longer appear on the show, a confirmation would surely be publicized before his stint ends.

Thus, this report should be taken with a grain of salt. It is also worth noting that Johnny Carson also felt the same monotony Kimmel currently feels. He took his time off but remained the host of the show for more years.

As for the alleged host search, ABC would surely not try a "Jeopardy!"-like trial as nobody would surely want to hear "Live!" changing its name from time to time.

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The network will not let go of Kimmel that easily, as well. For what it's worth, ABC Entertainment president Karey Burkey told The Hollywood Reporter that she and her team consider retaining Kimmel as a top priority. She said they were in active conversation with him to extend his stay for a few more years.

"We've made it clear that he is a critical member of the family and we want him on our air as long as he wants to be on it," she said, confirming that Kimmel has since become the face of ABC's late-nights.

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