The comedy industry is still mourning the death of Fuquan Johnson, and his mother is now breaking her silence regarding the situation, saying her son might still be alive today if he had a particular drug with him the night before he overdosed.

According to his mother, Paulene Johnson, who spoke to TMZ, she's in favor of the use of fentanyl strips and firmly believes that it could've saved the comic's life.

Paulene clarified that she's not advocating for recreational drugs and said she didn't know her son is taking harder substances other than cannabis. However, she said if people are going to use drugs, they should be extra careful.

In a situation like what happened to her son, she said people are afraid to call authorities when they are on the verge of overdose as they could be incriminated.

Fentanyl strips are a good option to prevent deaths, she claims.

Fuquan Johnson, 2 Other People Dead Because of Suspected Drug Overdose

In early reports, the famous comic passed away at the age of 42. Two other victims also died at the scene.

According to insiders familiar with the situation, Fuquan attended a small gathering last month in Los Angeles, California. Model and comedian Kate Quigly were also present at the event.

Four people reportedly consumed cocaine laced with fentanyl at the party. When police officials arrived in the area, they were believed to be unresponsive or have already died.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department told the Lost Angeles Times that there was no indication of foul play.

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Other victims were named 48-year-old Rico Angeli, also known as Enrico Colangeli, and 33-year-old Natalie Williamson.

Quigley was later taken to the hospital and was released a few days later.

The surviving comedian issued a statement saying she finally had the time to clarify her feelings "on paper." (read her complete statement below)

"I am still shocked & devastated by the loss of my friends Fu, Rico, and Natalie. Words cannot describe the pain I am feeling & I will be changed forever by their passings." she wrote. (via Today)

She concluded her post by writing, "Tell your people that you love them every day. Stay safe. and please don't take life for granted. I did, and I never will again."

There is still no information regarding the person who supplied or bought the drug substance, making authorities have a hard time deciding who to charge with the incident.

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